Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of research does Gateway for Cancer Research fund?
Gateway funds clinical trials that have the potential to make an impact on today's cancer patients. We strive to fund studies on all types of cancers, and research that examines the wider-reaching impact of systemic therapies on treatment and quality of life.
Who is eligible to apply for Gateway's cancer research funding awards?
Any investigator who is ready to conduct a clinical trial in cancer research—one which will have an immediate impact on cancer patients—may apply for funding. Investigator initiated applications from any academic, non-profit institution and medical centers are welcome; investigators don’t need to carry any special qualifications other than proven work as a clinician, researcher or primary investigator.
What is Gateway’s cancer research approval process?
Gateway's approval process is comprised of five steps:

  • As part of a Letter of Intent, researchers answer basic questions about fit with Gateway’s funding criteria, provide contact information, and provide concise summaries of the research proposal, including objectives, methodology, and budget.

  • Letters of Intent are assigned to 1-3 members of Gateway’s Board of Scientific Counselors for review.

  • Each Letter of Intent is independently evaluated by the peer reviewers. The applicants who demonstrate that their project is in line with Gateway’s mission and are approved by the peer reviewers are invited to submit a full grant application.

  • Once the full grant application is submitted to Gateway, each application is reviewed by the full Board of Scientific Counselors at a convened meeting and given a score to indicate funding priority, and the most promising grants are presented to the Board of Directors.

  • Gateway’s Board of Directors reviews the promising grants and determines approval of final grant awards. Subsequently, applicants receive funding, begin their research, and file appropriate progress reports throughout the life of the grant.
Is there a cap on the awards granted by Gateway?
While Gateway does not cap any of its cancer research grant awards, typically, Gateway funds research studies with a budget estimate in the range of $200,000-$800,000. Applicants should apply for the amount they believe is needed to conduct their clinical trial. Gateway does require supporting documentation for budgets, as well as semi-annual progress and financial reports throughout the life of the grant.
Who reviews all of the grant applications?
All Letters of Intent are reviewed by staff members and a subset of the Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC) for fit with Gateway’s mission. Full grant applications are then reviewed by the BSC at a convened meeting and scored based on set criteria. Gateway’s scientific counselors are located throughout the U.S., each with particular expertise in cancer research. While the BSC reviews all applications, Gateway’s Board of Directors makes all final decisions
on all funding.


How do I apply for a grant to become a researcher for Gateway for Cancer Research?
The first step in determining if your study could be a good fit for Gateway funding is to review Gateway’s Funding guidelines to self-check against our intended impact and funding requirements. These guidelines are available through the Gateway online grant management system at: Based on your self-check, if you think your study would be a good fit, you may submit part one of a two-part application process by submitting a short Letter of Intent in the same online system. The Letter of Intent will be reviewed by Gateway’s Research Grants Specialist and a subset of Gateway’s Board of Scientific Counselors, and you will be notified whether or not you will be invited to submit a full application. If you have questions about the application process, contact us at



How many years is the Grant Application for?
While Gateway does not have a maximum term for a grant, typically, Gateway funds research with study periods in the range of 1-3 years. Applicants should apply for the amount of time they feel is necessary to successfully complete the research study.



Once my grant is approved for funding, what triggers a payment?
Unlike many other foundations, Gateway uses a “pay-per-patient” method for grant payments based upon patient enrollment in the study. In order to facilitate start-up, Gateway provides 20% of the grant as seed money at the beginning of the trial. After that, patient impact must be demonstrated through semi-annual reports in order to trigger the next payment. Moreover, on an annual basis, in the fall, Gateway reviews all current grants for progress, and makes decisions at that time whether to continue funding for subsequent years.



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